FAB POPS Magnetic Phone Grip with built in magnets (Pink giraffe)


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Product Overview


  • FAB POPS magnetic phone grip is a fully functional magnet phone holder for your hand. FAB POPS phone grips has built-in magnets which allows you to mount directly to any metal or magnetic surface.
  • FAB POPS collapsible bellow is designed for all hands sizes. It is 3 MM taller than other phone grips, allowing your hand to comfortably hold your phone to protect from any accidental drops.
  • FAB POPS works with any magnet or magnetic car mount. Conveniently use your FAB POPS on any metal surface such as a tool box, refrigerator or any other metal surface.
  • FAB POPS magnetic phone grip makes a convenient stand to prop your smart phone device for watching videos or checking emails on your tabletop.
  • FAB POPS magnetic phone grips are proudly made in the USA! We have been granted a design and utility patent in the USA.

Warranty Information

Full Lifetime warranty. Just pay return shipping.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review