Magnet phone Grip For MAGSAFE Violet Style


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Product Overview

FAB POPS Magnet Phone Grips are now compatible with Magsafe! With magnets built into the FAB POPS holder that will allow you to mount directly to any Magsafe compatible phone or case. FAB POPS takes it one step further and has built in magnets in the crown. Which allows you to mount your phone to any magnetic or magnet surface such as car mounts, refrigerators, tool boxes, or any other magnetic surface.

FAB POPS are manufactured right here in the USA. 

Magnetic phone grip and stand with built in magnets for easy mounting to any magnetic or magnet phone mount, refrigerator, tool box or metal surface.

Just one small twist and you are on your way to wireless charging.

Allows for hands free use with any magnetic or magnet surface, or just extend your FAB POPS for a convient stand. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review